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Session Fees

Session fees are nonrefundable payments that are required to book or reserve a session and will vary based on the type and duration of the session. They cover the session itself and the subsequent viewing and ordering consultation.

Signature Sessions

Newborn Portrait Session: $250

Milestone Portrait Sessions: $100 each

1st-Year Celebration Session: $150, optional $50 upgrade for cake or baby art piece

Butterfly Baby Plan: $300, includes complementary 1st-year celebration session

Maternity Sessions: $100

Petite Sessions

Newborn Portrait Session: $150

Milestone Portrait Sessions: $50 each

Butterfly Baby Plan: $100

Maternity Sessions: $50

Deluxe Session (Both a Signature and Petite Session)

Newborn: $350


We offer create-your-own packages to include at least one legacy art pieces and digital files beginning at $525. Customers typically choose to spend around $1400 for a mix of wall art, albums, gift items and digital images.

A la Cart

We also offer digital-only a la cart options beginning at $400.