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How much does a session cost?

The session fees vary from $50 to $300. The session fee covers the consultation, session and follow-up viewing appointment. Packages including digital and legacy art products begin at $525, and digital-only a la carte purchases begin at $400. Customers typically spend around $1500 for a mix of digital and legacy art products.

How do you protect the health of my baby?

I make sure that I am completely up to date on all vaccinations. My most recent TDaP vaccination was May 2016, and I have a flu vaccination for the 2017-18 season. Additionally, if I am sick, even a small cold, I will reschedule your session to avoid any possibility of passing the illness to your precious newborn. All props, blankets, wraps and clothing are carefully cleaned after each session they are used.

Will I be involved in the session?

Yes. In addition to making sure I get at least a couple photos of you with your child, I will ask for your assistance periodically to keep a hand on your baby, adjust a blanket or hand me an item.

What should we wear for the session?

The studio will be very warm (approximately 80 degrees) to ensure the comfort of the newborn, so you will want to select items that will be comfortable at that temperature. For photos, you may choose to be photographed skin-to-skin, or wear clothing in neutral tones. Avoid bright colors, logos and busy prints. Dress your baby in easy-to-remove clothing. If you will have older children at the session, little boys are often shirtless in photos, and I have a small selection of wrap tops for girls if you would prefer that to the items you have at home. Above all, you and your children should be comfortable.

When should I book my session?

Booking as far in advance as possible is recommended to ensure availability surrounding your due date. I can only do a couple of sessions each week, and with the unpredictability of actual arrival dates, I have to limit my sessions to ensure I will be available in the two-week window following your newborn’s birth. That said, I occasionally have a week where none of the expected babies have arrived, so I may have last-minute availability. It never hurts to inquire! If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant, you can join our waiting list to be notified as soon as reservations for your month open.

When should my session take place?

Ideal timing for the session is between 2 and 10 days after birth. In this time frame, babies are still sleeping deeply and retain maximum flexibility. They tend to stay in the position they’re placed, as long as they’re comfortable, and tolerate being moved while asleep. After this period, they gradually become more sensitive to movement, less likely to stay asleep when disturbed, and much more wiggly when awake. Skin conditions such as peeling, cradle cap and baby acne become more common after the first couple of weeks. Early scheduling also allows a bit of wiggle room in case the session needs to be rescheduled for any reason.

What do you touch up in photos?

My goal in touching up the photos of your baby is to present what you see when you look at your child. I will touch up their skin, removing temporary blemishes and peeling skin within reason. I do not remove longer-term skin markings such as freckles, moles, birthmarks, salmon patches, strawberries, etc. I smooth skin, remove distractions in the background, correct color, crop, and apply artistic touches such as vignetting, color cast or blurring.

Why do a studio session?

While an in-home session may seem more convenient, there are several factors that argue for a studio session. I know how hard it can feel to get out of the house with a newborn, but it’s well worth it! My studio is arranged for efficiency, allowing a more streamlined session. There is no need for you to arrange furniture to ensure open space, or worry about having windows bright enough in the right places for photography. I need about 100sf of space for the posing bag, backdrop and room for me to move around for different angles. Additionally, the air temperature needs to be about 80 degrees, which is challenging in a large home, and that temperature takes time to go down after the session. My studio has all my props and accessories; the selection I can bring to an in-home session is more limited. The time it takes to bring things in from my car, set up and tear down, adds time to the session as well. The studio is a comfortable oasis that takes you out of the hubbub of life with a newborn and gives you the opportunity to take a breath and relax.

If you feel you have a good space available and would still prefer an in-home session, please contact me. I will do in-home sessions for an additional fee.

Are these poses safe?

Yes. The health and safety of your baby is my primary concern. I will not do any pose I am not comfortable with. There are some poses and positions that I don’t feel comfortable with, either as a rule, or given the conditions, temperament or physique of a particular baby. All of my standard poses are comfortable for most babies. When I move an infant, I do so slowly and carefully, giving them an opportunity to let me know if they are not comfortable in that particular position. Certain props or poses require a spotter or support from a parent to be photographed safely, and I’ll ask for your assistance with those poses, and I weight the base of all tall props to ensure stability. If you have any questions or concerns about this, either before or during the session, please ask. I’m always happy to discuss or adjust at your preference in order to ensure you and your baby are comfortable.

My baby is in the NICU, can I still do a session?

Absolutely! We have a couple of options. If the NICU permits, we can discuss an on-site lifestyle session to photograph these precious early days of your child’s life. In these sessions, the baby is not posed formally and I work with the available light and conditions in the NICU. A lifestyle session typically lasts about 60-90 minutes. I am also happy to work in the studio with your baby after they have been released from the NICU, even if they are more than 10 days old at the time. Your baby may not be as flexible or sleepy as a newer infant, so the formal session may result in different poses than would be possible for a younger infant, but will still result in beautiful images of your baby.

What should I bring to the session?

Getting out of the house with a newborn is a daunting task, especially for brand new parents. For the session itself, all we need is you and your baby. If your baby uses a pacifier, please bring it, and a back-up if possible. You should also bring anything you need to be comfortable during the session – clothing for warm temperatures and toys for older children. I provide water, tea and coffee and snacks to keep you refreshed during the session. If your baby is drinking formula or bottled breastmilk, be sure to bring enough for at least 5 hours to ensure you have enough for the session and travel time. I have a refrigerator that you can store bottles in while you are here. If you have older children who will be present, be sure to bring any special snacks and activities for them. I have a few toys in my studio, but the selection is limited. Some parents choose to have another adult take older children home after their part of the session, but they are also welcome to stay. Toddlers need at least one adult to mind them while another adult is available to assist with spotting, supporting or soothing the newborn if needed.

How long will it take to get my images?

The proofs will be available within 2 weeks of the session, and can be reviewed at your viewing consultation. Once ordered, final images are available for download within 2 weeks and product delivery times will vary depending on the product ordered. We can expedite ordering for items such as birth announcements to insure you can formally share your news as soon as possible.