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Heather Glude – Newborn Photographer

Heather Glude is a Seattle newborn photographer, who has been behind a camera for nearly 30 years. At first, focusing on nature and macro photography, she sought images that showed the things we walk past without truly seeing, missing the beauty and wonder of the world in our busy lives. It is this same passion she brings to newborn photography, finding those precious little details that make every baby and family unique, from the pout of a tiny lip to the curl inside the ear to the wrinkles of a tiny finger. Her goal is to capture these little details before those fleeting first days are gone, so you can look back and remember how tiny, how precious and how new your baby was, when he so quickly outgrows his newborn onesies, or when she takes those first tottering steps. Heather's images are all about the baby, with props and accessories designed to complement and accentuate their perfect beauty.

Image Credit: Paul Gibbons Photography

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